How Much Do You Know About Your Credit Score? When it comes to improving your credit, how much do you really know about your credit score? According to a 2006 Consumer Action study, more than 27% of Americans have never checked their credit score. And a recent FTC report showed that a quarter of American […]

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Fair Isaac and Company developed a way to calculate credit scores. In the U.S. this calculation is referred to as a FICO score. It is a rating based on the information found in credit reports and is used to determine a persons credit worthiness and risk. The Infographic below is a guide for those with […]

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And Repair Your Credit Incorrect credit information can have a negative and long lasting impact on your credit score. Understanding what factors determine a credit score is the first step in repairing your credit. Determining what factors can give you a bad credit rating can go along way in addressing those credit issues weighing down […]

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A Step-By-Step Guide Having bad credit can cause many problems in life. It can makes it very difficult to get a loan, buy a home, or purchase a car. It can cause stress and health related problems as well as divide relationships and families. The first step to reigning in the burden of bad credit […]

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What kind of debt do you own? Not all debt is created equally. If managed properly, debt can be good if it produces a good positive cash flow. It’s bad if it creates a negative flow. This infographic helps guide you on what type of debt to hold. By Column Five Source Visually

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When does debt settlement make sense? Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement are not the same.  This infographic compares important aspects the two. Source: Visually.

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Tips to follow if you’re in the red  If the holidays have left you in the red, you’re not alone. According to recent studies, the average personal expense for gifts in the year 2013 amounted to more than $700 and the Americans spent an estimated $602 billion on food, decorations and presents during Christmas 2013 […]

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Preparing for Retirement Before we talk about saving for your retirement, there is good news and bad news I would like to mention. The good news is that you are not going to be run over by a speeding freight train on the way home from your last day of work; and the bad news […]

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Bad credit is determined by a FICO score. It it the most widely used credit score determinant in the United States.  This infographic highlights the makeup of the FICO score, what consumer information is used and how it is calculated. Source:  Visually  

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Good Debt vs Bad Debt Not all debt is created equally. Some debt is good while some debt is bad. The challenge is in managing your debt properly. This infographic highlights the differences between the many kinds of debt and the best ways to manage them. So, which do you own? Good Debt or Bad […]

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