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There's no such thing as a perfect place to retire. See where each state fails. [...]
Sun, Jun 07, 2015
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Most of us don't think twice about opening and maintaining multiple free email accounts where we live out our digital lives. And we're getting more and more comfortable by the day at downloading and using mobile apps. Yet those behaviors can harm us. ThirdCertainty sat down with David Duncan, chief marketing [...]
Tue, Jun 02, 2015
Though it's hard to think about, as we age, sometimes we lose the ability to manage our own money and property. We often think about our financial capability, like our ability to drive, as an important measure of our independence. But planning ahead may actually help you stay in control. [...]
Mon, Jun 01, 2015
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Debits and credits are two of the most basic principles in accounting, but most people nevertheless find them pretty darn confusing! We'll help clear things up so you can get back to the business of making – and responsibly managing – money. In the most basic sense, debits and credits are [...]
Sun, May 31, 2015
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Consumer finance companies offer an alternative way to pay for big-ticket items. But look before you leap. [...]
Fri, May 29, 2015
Read full story for latest details. [...]
Thu, May 28, 2015
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School's out but summer won't last forever. Save money now on back-to-school prep by shopping smart with your credit cards. By shopping now, you'll land some great deals and avoid the [...] [...]
Fri, Jul 18, 2014
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