Debt Settlement

Our Pay-for-performance benefit to you is that we are highly motivated to get you back on your feet, debt free with the best debt settlement available for your financial situation. Or we don’t get paid. Call us to learn more.

LightHouse™ Program

This program helps our local residents that have over $10,000 in credit card debt and have many difficult decisions on the horizon. We negotiate with creditors to reduce and eliminate unsecured debt. We offer free consultations at our Woburn office.

Unsecured Debt Includes:
  • — Credit Card Debt
  • — Medical / Hospital Bills
  • — Department Store Credit Cards
  • — Oil / Gas Credit Cards
  • — Personal Loans (unsecured)
  • — Past Due Rent
  • — Autos (Repossessions)
  • — Local Merchants
  • — Past Due Utility Bills
Note: Unsecured debt must total $10,000.

Feel free to compare our services to the competition in the following chart:

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